Sound card interface for Yaesu FT-1000

This is a simple isolated audio interface for FT-1000. Interface connects to radio's DVS-2 connector.

Output level from radio is about 40 mVp-p. Operational amplifier boosts level to line level (G=28). It's possible to overload sound card by disabling AGC from radio. Input level to radio was not determined, suitable output power is adjustable with Mic gain and RF-power knobs. Audio path from sound card to radio is only opened when PTT is triggered from serial port, front panel microphone is disabled while interface is driving PTT, this prevents transmitting speech by accident.

Parts used:

Audio isolation transformers were bought years ago from Biltema. Connector to radio from Partco (DIN 7 UROS). Other parts from local caches.



Paavo Leinonen <[email protected]>

Updated 2024.04.06